Legal Action of Wisconsin - Mission

Our Mission

Legal Action of Wisconsin exists to provide creative and effective legal representation in order to achieve justice for low-income people and others to whom it would otherwise be denied. We advocate for empowerment and systemic change to help our clients realize their basic right to a decent quality of life. We strive for active client and community participation in carrying out our mission.

Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. is the largest staff-based provider of civil legal services for low-income Wisconsin persons. Click here for our office locations throughout Wisconsin Our priorities are based on the most crucial needs of our clients safe and affordable housing, adequate income and nutrition, access to health care, preservation of the family and protection from domestic violence. Through our representation, we are helping clients to break the cycle of poverty.

Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. is committed to providing a full range of legal services as efficiently as limited resources permit. This means maintaining an ability to provide high quality representation in all state and federal forums, including courts, administrative agencies, and, where permitted, legislatures. It also means that not every case, even some cases with merit in which representation would be beneficial, can be accepted for full representation. Legal Action of Wisconsin supplements its direct representation with an active Volunteer Lawyers project. Click here for information about Legal Action of Wisconsin's Volunteer Lawyer Project.

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